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    Taiwan Alpha Alpha5000 dual joystick remote control crane

    Model: Alpha5000
    Transmitter specifications
    Frequency: PLL 480.050 ~ 480.400MHz Working time: about 8 hours
    Transmission Distance:> 100 m frequency spacing: 25KHz
    Working time: about 8 hours Frequency drift: <3ppm
    Frequency Control: TCXO + PLL transmitter power: 10mW
    Frequency Offset: <1ppm @ 25 ℃ spurious emission: <-60 dB
    Antenna Impedance: 50Ω (Built) Modulation: FID
    Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃ security code: 65536 group (16 +1 bits)
    Waterproof: IP65 Shock: 50G
    Power consumption: about 80mA Weight: about 1600g (with battery)
    Power supply: Ni-Cd battery 7.2V/600mA Size: 268mm × 162mm × 178.5mm
    Or nickel-metal hydride battery pack 7.2V/1400mA
    Receiver Specifications
    Frequency: PLL 480.050 MHz ~ 480.400MHz
    Frequency interval: 25 KHz frequency control: TCXO + PLL
    Frequency drift: <3 ppm demodulation mode: FSK
    IF frequency: 45MHz and 455MHz receiver: double within the ultra poor
    Antenna impedance: 50Ω (Built) decoding base: Quartz
    Security code: 65536 group (16 +1 bits) leaked strength: <-75dBm
    Receive Sensitivity: <0.18uV reaction time: 100mS ~ 300mS
    Contact capacity: 250V / 10A Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
    Shock: 40 G Waterproof: IP65
    Power: 50/60 HZ Power consumption: 36 VA
    Size: 417mm × 309mm × 167mm Weight: about 8800g
    (Not including antennas and cable connector)
    Taiwan Fu Electronics Co. warehouse production ALPHA5000 double rocker crane remote control is a fairly advanced industrial remote control, it has a variety of functions, can be applied to work on a wide range of uses, such as: all kinds of crane, tower crane, production machinery and equipment, automation controllers, and other kinds of control. He combines a variety of safety circuits and software programs can avoid all kinds of external interference, giving users maximum security and stability. Wireless remote control is mainly used in metallurgy, shipbuilding and container terminals, warehousing, machinery manufacturing, chemical, paper, construction and engineering machinery and make use of Hoisting Machinery achieve remote operation of the industry. Affect the effective control of a radius of 100 meters in any direction and is not an obstacle, the operator simply carry lightweight launcher, the freedom to move around and select the best (security) visual position to implement the operation, cleared in the past due to the clear line of sight, wire bondage, bad or improper command with accidents caused by environmental factors. Which is to ensure the safe operation and greatly improved production efficiency.
    Can provide customers ALPHA5000 series standard five-speed four axial and customized products:
    Five-speed three-axis
    Four-speed four axial
    Four-speed three-axis
    Three-speed four axial
    Three-speed three-axis
    Two-speed four axial
    Two-speed three-axis
    One year warranty!
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